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SUMMER aka Grace

Since arriving here from auction less than 2 weeks ago, ‘Grace’ has been successfully treated for a respiratory infection. She has been enjoying her free choice hay, and although initially, she wouldn’t eat her mare and foal feed, she definitely loves it now, Her ribs were showing a bit before, but not anymore.

This mare just drew me in, literally stopping me when I saw her via face time in the auction yard. it was as if I knew her already - like I recognized her and she was waiting for me. And I know that makes no sense, but ‘sense’ doesn’t drive the most beautiful things in life - the things that defy explanation.

Since the auction, I found out a few things about her, including the fact that her former owner called her “Summer.” I have her papers, and her registered name is My Summer Wages”, so that translates easily. And although the auctioneer said that this mare wasn’t pregnant (which I knew wasn’t the case), she is apparently about one week past her foaling date.

I also learned that her last yesr’s foal - now a yearling - was also at the auction. Buy sadly, they were separated before the sale, so I didn’t even know he was there. Grace (Summer) has apparently been bred every years since she was 2 years old. And she was basically taken to auction because she didn’t like people loving up on her foals, and so would take her baby way out to pasture.

In the now, one thing that I have learned through this mare herself is that she has a lot to say about her 16 years of life - she has such a depth to her, and a willingness to let me in. She now approaches me almost every time I am near her - greeting me with a little nicker. And the consistent thing that I keep telling her is that she is home - and accepted and loved. And that she doesn’t need to run off with her newborn foal - because she gets to keep her baby this time. The present and very poignant question is: (Summer) Grace, when is the BIG Day!??


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