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Fysik - Your Magic Lives on

I brought Fysik’s ashes home on Tuesday evening; they were held safely at Atim Creek since this absolutely treasured soul left us. I still cannot grasp that after all he made it through, and the community of support that he inspired back in November 2020, that he was taken from us only 14 months later, by a rare diseaase that struck him suddenly with no warning - giving us no means to fight it.

I feel like a boulder is sitting on my chest as I write this. I can not derive any words that make this better. I miss the massive calming, and gorgeous light that was Fysik - the solid and steadfast friend that I used to be able to clasp at the neck and hug tight - for as long as I wanted. I remember the depth of gracious spirit that was so tangible in those moments - the give that he had for the world. He seemed so strong - so permanent. Like a deep rooted tree that would always season any weather.

You are always loved, Fysik, and forever embraced in the place where magical memories live and make life inspired and worth enduring.


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