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I tiny piece of Georgio's story - flashback to 2014!

I saved this gorgeous horse from the auction lot, along with a blue roan gelding who I later named Irristablue. As with many of the horse stories, how that came about would take a more than a few paragraphs to explain, and there is certainly a tragic element ffor another horse to that entire story. But, as for Irri, and Georgio, they had sold for meat at auction, and been on the lot for days with more than a few other horses, waiting for the meat freightliner to pick them up. To even think of it, is makes my heart drop - and my spirit ache. Because another horse I had gone to pick up had actually died, these two had a chance. And I bought these geldings sight unseen - based only on what was a very rushed description. They missed being loaded onto the meat freightliner -which was in sight when they were pulled - by minutes. And whereas Irri did not have a mark on him, this paint had obviously been low in the pecking order in the pen he was in, and was showing it.

When I met these two for the first time, I felt such an intense sadness pooling with my relief for them - as despite the difference in their physical condition, the look in their eyes matched; there was in an unmistakable grief flowing from their eyes - like tears. And and a look of undeniable defeat - as if they had seen hell and thought that there was no escaping going there.

Irrisisablue and Georgio both went on to have saddle training here, and was ultimately adopted out to an exceptional home in BC. As for Georgio, once he learned to trust me, his fear of people dissipated; and in time his confidence soared. He even found his voice - and nickers in the most beautiful way when he is approached now. But it turned out that he needed quite a bit of under saddle training - his ground work was well polished but he crow hopped and panicked a bit under saddle. Yet, I actually approved 2 adopters for him over the years. Both backed out - one adopted another horse she fell for when she came to meet him, and the second one started to focus on what he saw as physical l flaws in this boy's conformation.

Georgio has been here for such a long time, and has become deeply bonded with Corona in particular. And his flashiness has always attracted attention - including that of one person who just fell in love with him. And this person has committed to paying for Georgio's care and feed for the duration of his life. So much so, that Georgio's stocking has been filled before I even posted his story. This special man is truly loved from near and afar and over time, his antics have made him a bit of a star. We love you, Georgio!


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