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Because I have been updating the website recently, I have been going through 12 years worth of photos and stories - and although I recall the moment that I first encountered every horse who has entered the the gate here, I have been reminded through photographs of how so many of the horses went from a posture of defeat, and caving in with grief, just having missed selling for meat at auction, to opening up with such a gracious energy, once they knew they were safe and loved - and seen.

Such was the story with Rhapsody, pictured here, with little Opal, just after the auction; and then months when I was lunging her in the round pen. Rhapsody generated quite a bit of interest from potential adopters - including from out of province - because she was a young, stunning, warmblood (they do not often sell at local auctions). And although several potential adoptions fell through, this beautiful girl ultimately went to an adopter in Alberta.

I do ask that adopters send me updates, But I have not heard anything about Rhapsody in quite a long time. I hope that her adopter see this post, so that I might find out how she is doing . . . it was very hard to let Rhapsody go, but I felt that they were just an excellent match. xoxo Rhapsody.


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