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I've been keeping some things from you....

I have been keeping some things from you. And someone. I drove over 3 and a half hours last weekend to pick up this tiny 26 inch little guy of less than a year old that a breeder said she had no use for. I have not added a single horse to Adorado since last April, but this one was on my radar all winter and I finally gave in. He is thin, but his belly is huge, so likely full of worms. He is very scared of being touched - when I went to meet him, he was tethered tightly to the fence.

I did not want to share him because Adorado is in huge need of donations and some will make this a ‘political’ issue. . But he is my little man, and a combination of Silver - and Dover - who some of you will remember.

I am so tired of sadness and worry - and we need a little joy. So let’s see how this tiny tot makes out. He was only $150 and he sure won’t cost much to feed. I have him on high quality hay and will be deworming him this weekend. I just hope that he will be healthy soon. And happy! He needs lots of love - and a name!


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