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My Extra Itty Bitty Kids

A few people have asked me where these 2 baby goats came from, and there is, of course a little story to their becoming ‘my kids.’

Some time ago, I had come across a whether (fixed male goat) who breeder said was just a sweetheart; but she was willing to sell him either as a pet or ‘for butcher.’ And having seen him on video, he just stuck with me, and it reached a point where I was told that I needed to pay for him, or he would sell for meat. And given that my (limited) understanding of goats was that he would be better off with a friend, I called some breeders who had goats for sale looking for one for him. It was at that time that I spoke to someone who had nigerian dwarfs for sale, (as pets only), and who was fine with me asking her all kinds of goat questions. And A few of my concerns were confirmed, including the one that this particular guy needed a friend larger than a dwarf baby - and that he would jump my existing fences.

And then I realized that saving this little guy was going to involve making him a new pen, in not very suitable weather, and finding him a friend as well. And then I recalled that Bear Valley Rescue was set up for goats, and I contacted them explained the situation - and Kathy agreed to take the whether goat. And I was so thankful to her for helping me save his life!

And by coincidence, on the very afternoon that one of BV’s volunteers was picking up the rescued whether, the breeder who I had spoken to early on about the pet nigerian dwarves contacted me about 2 does she had been bottle feeding. She explained that they had been 2 of five babies, and were runts, so could never be bred - their small size meant that it would fatal for them. And because we had connected over our love for animals when I initially contacted her, she offered them to me, knowing that I would never let that happen.

And so, here they are! They were not in need of rescuing, but needed an extra special home. I am honoured that I have been entrusted with their well being. They have joined my family - and just like dogs Roscoe, and Winnie, and my other non horse family members, these girls are my responsibility - and although they will be good for the pasture, and friends to the horses, no donations will ever go toward their feed, care, or other needs.

That said, I hope hope you will not mind me sharing them a little bit with you - as i am totally new to goats. And their behaviours and personalities are just so unique. They are just making me laugh so much. And I think the world needs more ‘happy’ in it right now.


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