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It is close to 1 am and I am warming up my feet before going back out to check on Fysik - and take water to the barn horses. Fysik is still not in the clear, and I am so grateful to the many people came back out this evening to help him to stand.

Here is the only photo that I was able to take of some of the amazing people who literally came to his rescue early today - and fought to get him out of a freezing water hole. Thank you to those of you in this photo, including Bev Wilson, Vintage Towing, Dr Angel Roberts; and to the the RCMP constables who knew Vintage towing had the skill and eqipment to help to try save Fysik. Thank you for not giving up!

To all who were here and got him to safety - you are Fysik’s heroes! Thank you for reminding me how astoundingly kind and brave good people can be. And to those cheering for Fysik, Please keep the good energy and prayers coming his way.

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