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Fysik continues to 'wow'....

Fysik continues to ‘wow’ as he recovers from his icy rescue just weeks ago! Dr. Angel Roberts advised me that ‘recent blood work showed mild muscle breakdown but of a type more typical of a blood profile after a hard workout. His Ck level had come down to 500, when it had been more like 20, 000! He also is mildly anemic and mildly low in protein so needs the extra alfalfa and feed supplements (which he is receiving) to rebuild.’ To quote Angel, “All in all (he) looks good!!”

Fysik needs to continue with being hand walked, and needs to be perform basic ground movements, like backing up, as his rehabilitation continues. And he will benefit from weekly massage therapy. And I have added my own prescription: daily hugs, and being told how much he is loved!

The bottoms line is that this beloved horse is doing so well in his recovery right now. Thank God! And thank you to all of you who continue to cheer this fighter on! You’ve got this Fysik!!!!


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