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For ME, Buying at Auction is the Start of a Commitment

This week, I received a message asking me if I would take a horse if someone went and saved it at the auction this Friday. I have been asked by another rescue to go to that auction - they will help to raise money to buy. I am told I should have another type of fundraiser by several others so as to help those horses. I am asked to pre buy and sent lists of horses for sale pre auction. I would love to and the auction is on my mind but....

What I am wondering is whether people following the page realize that the buying is the cheapest part; that the hours spent earning a horses trust, and getting them on halter if they are untouched, staying up night after night in the barn with them if they are sick and needing care, that the cost of feeding them, and of farrier and vet care is very substantial in comparison to the buying?

I not complaining and I will never find an excuse to give up. And I so want to help. Please know that this is a non profit but there is not an army of people working here. There is me. And over 70 well loved horses. And I am always doing something to horses here or elsewhere every single day.

I am consistently asked to do more. And If you know me at all, you know that if there is a way to save a life, I will do it. But please do not ask me to do more without helping to keep Adorado going in a tangible way? And if you like the page, please don’t think that sharing means someone else will help. I just have only so much to give and I give it all.

And you can still ask me for help. I appreciate all who care. But I would ask that those who can afford it give something to help - hay, time, a small donation? If you like the page and the work that I do, let it show? Thank you for loving horses. Tracy


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