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Cole & Estelle Return to Adorado

Yesterday was an emotional day, and literally a tearful one as beautiful Cole and Estelle came back to Adorado. I saved these two at auction as foals in 2015, and they were here for over a year during which they were introduced to halter training and farrier work, and Cole was gelded. They were adopted out at the end of 2016 to a loving home; but due to a change in the adopters' circumstances, they have been just been returned. I am so sad for their adopters, and for them, but also quite emotional about seeing them again.

They have some special friends at Adorado as we also rescued some others who came from their same respective breeders. Estelle and Aurora were from an appy breeder who took them to auction and they both lost their moms to meat buyers - they ran their mom's through separately so I didn't find out until contacting the breeder after the auction. Estelle and Aurora were particularly close, so it will be special to reintroduce them. Cole also lost his mom to a meat buyer at auction but has a half sister here in Echo and a friend in Echo's and Rory's mom, Harmony. I still remember the moment I saw each of them for the first time. There are so many stories to tell. But today all i can say is, welcome back Cole and Estelle.


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