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April 2021 Auction Update


My decision to try to buy some horses over the meat buyers at a recent auction was kind of a spontaneous one, and once I was ‘all in,’ and had viewed most of the horses before the sale started, I literally had a very lengthy list - 3 pages - of tag numbers of some who I really wanted to try to buy if no other private buyers bid on them. There was the litle blue roan colt who was blind in one eye, a 31 year old grey gelding, the bay mare who looked in foal, and so many more whose numbers and catch word descriptions i had quickly scribbled down. And so, knowing I had my limit, I contacted Bear Valley and asked Kathy if they had room. And ultimately, I was so thankful when she said they could take some babies.

And that is how it came about that the lives of 7 went from dismal to dramatically promising - I ended up with the (partially blind) roan colt, the 31 year old grey gelding (“Silver”), and the (possibly pregnant) bay mare (“Summer”) who I had had on my radar; and also a little miniature stallion who I saw for the first time when he was in the ring. And thanks to Kathy, I also was able to outbid the meat buyers on 3 very scared youngsters, were all under a year of age.

And I basically took this group of 7 ‘home’ and all remained here for about 6 weeks. And some of you are well familiar with Silver and Summer’s stories by now, and i still have to tell you about the roan and the mini stallion. But in this moment, I want to share a little more about the brave and gorgeous babies who very much imprinted upon my heart while they were in quarantine here: the babies I called, Velvet, Olivia, and Hudson.

When I was leaving the auction mart, someone there actually said that he didn’t think the sorrel and black fillies would ‘come around.’ And I had seen them in complete flight mode while they were being loaded on to my trailer. The sorrel (Olivia) came unexpectedly flying up the alley way with Silver, when he was being loaded - and apparently basically jumped right over someone to make that happen - she had obviously latched onto the one grown up horse she was penned with while waiting to be picked up. And black Velvet was pretty wide eyed and frightened also. And I kept it light but my response was, “give me a month - you will eat your words.”

And I spent a bit of time with the 7 every day, but and over the weeks, I saw them come from a place of uncertainty and apprehension having had their previous little worlds were torn out from under them, to a state of quietness, curiosity, openess. There was a cough and accompanying nasal discharge that the 3 youngest ones, as well as Summer, had to fight for a while - with Velvet having it initially and the longest. But I got them all on to eating feed, and alfalfa rich hay. And I saw them starting to shine. And once I had earned Hudson’s and Velvet’s trust, I easily got them haltered and leading.

And the day before they were picked up to go to Bear Valley (just over a week ago), Olivia was almost there. She just needed a little more time. But she will get there. And I am not going to pretend that I wasn’t sad to help to load these babies so that they could continue on their own unique journeys. But they are now available for adoption through Bear Valley. And if anyone is interested in adopting, I have a few more details to share about them...

VELVET is a Quarterhorse Draft (percheron) cross who was 8 months old when sold at the auction. And the only thing that I found hard to do with her was to let her go. After spending time with her, we had a close bond, and she would always walk over to greet me when I approached the pen. I could rub her all over, and she loved any gentle attention - and liked to nuzzle up agaist my jacket, and even let me hug her. She could be haltered and led before she left, and was definitely the most confident of her group. I found her to be a very special girl - with a depth of spirit that I found enchanting. Oh - and she loves water - stepping in it and drunking our of the hose. And, well, she is gorgeous, don’t you think?

HUDSON is an Arabian Quarterhorse cross who was sold at auction at 10 months of age. I recall with perfect clarity how quietly he was while standing, alone,- in his pen at the auction yard. They had kept him (and the mini stud) separate from the other horses i had purchased because he was a stud. But what a little doll he revealed himself to be - we loaded him with Silver and Summer for the trailer ride home, and he was pretty calm on the trip. He had apparently been sold because the breeder ‘had too many.’ On the consignment sheet, he was described as a “beautiful quiet boy” “great starter project”) and he sure is that. I found him curious, gentle, and lovely to spend time with. He haltered for the first time relatively easily, and I got him started on leading. He is just so gentle - and quite a looker, right? And - he also likes to step into his ‘water dish!’

OLiVIA is a little sorrel filly who was born May 29, 2020 - so has just turned 1. And this was one baby who I just wanted to wrap up in the knowing that she was, and would be okay. She was quite frightened when I picked her up after at the sale - and just wanted to flee. And when I got her ‘home’ she kept her distance, initially, ensuring that there was at least a good few horse lengths between us when I was in the pen with her. But over the weeks she was here, her fear fell away, and she became very clear that she was watching everything that I did. And she became curious - and she was just at the stage where I could almost pet her. Her breeder said she sold her because she wasn’t as friendly as the others in her weanling pen. But this is the type of girl, in my experience, who will be so worth the time that is takes to find her trust. I so hope she finds a home with someone who recognizes that she isn’t flawed, but sensitive - and very in tune with what is going on. She is still just a baby - and needs reassurance.

VELVET, HUDSON, and OLIVIA are definitely missed here. But they are safe, and have already experienced being treasured. And, if one of them seems right for you, please contact BEAR VALLEY Rescue, where they continue their journey, and are up for Adoption. Tracy


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