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The First Neigh of Christmas

There are so many disheartening things going on in the world, so we need a little light - there are also many beautiful moments to share. So, without further ado, it's time to start the 2nd 'annual' 12 Neighs of Christmas!

On the first Neigh ot Christmas, my true loves (at Adorado) said to me, "look, it's Sterling, cute as can be!" Sterling has never seen a pear tree, but last December, he chewed the top off of a little spruce I'd planted! When this photo was taken, this beautiful two year old palomino was at Adorado waiting to meet his special adopter. We rescued Sterling (along with Jess, Havana, and Willow) last fall, just before he was slated to load onto a trailer for the meat plant. He revealed how loving and friendly he was almost right away - I knew he was something special.

Hs new mom, Cherylann, literally fell in love with him from afar - a province away! And.when she made the trip out to meet him in the (snowy!) spring of 2017, he was all I'd promised - and even exceeded her expectations. He now lives in BC, and is well on his way to being started under saddle. But what is more - he adds a bit of magic and sparkle to his adopter's life every day. Happy Christmas, Sterling! xoxo from Jess and all of us here. We miss you, but know you are dearly loved. Thank you, Cherylann!

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