Some of our Adoptable Horses: 




Georgio is about 8 or 9 years old.  He is a flashy gelding, and a big boy, even though he stands at 15.3 hands.  He is sound, intelligent, and sensitive


Georgio was sold at auction and his consigner said he had 60 days pro training.  His history is, however, unknown. 


Georgio has been ridden here, and even as his training continues, he will need need training to reach his potential under saddle.  He requires an experienced rider.  He is good for the farrier, and loves attention. AND he can JUMP! 


This horse is an absolute sweetheart - he follows me around the yard and whinnies when I approach his paddock. 

As of August 2018, he is in saddle training at Adorado with Juliana and doing well.  


IRRESISTABLUE is a real head turner in the summer time when his blue roan colouring and his solid build really grabs the attention of most horse people who visit!  We saved him from auction but came with absolutely no information or history.  We had to have one of his teeth removed immediately due to a swelling on the side of his face - and based on the (massive) tooth size, our vet determined that he was about 5 to 6 years old.  So he is now about 8 or9 years.  He is a stocky, solid horse - such a strong build, but about 15 hands.  When his group tears off in a lope, he doesn't worry about coming in first; so, I wouldn't recommend him for barrel racing. But he is very sensible and intelligent.  Nothing much phases Irresistablue.  He has always been very confident, and has a settling effect on his group - he is the top horse, but is not aggressive. With people, he is super quiet. And he is usually good for the farrier.  


And - as you can see - he's been ridden while here! He has also been lunged and ground driven - thank you Juiiana!  And altough nothing much phases Iri, he is actually what a pro trainer called, quite 'feely.  He is sensitive to pressure, in terms of being asked to move off or pressure.  Due to scheduling of a pro trainer and someone who flew in to see the session, he was assessed in about 100 kph wind gusts (June 2018), and was pretty chill.  As of August, 2018, he is being trained at Adordo by Juliana; he is progressing nicely. 

In Mobile View, please tap on photos for more info on a particular adoptable:   If you are interested in adopting, please email us for an adoption application.  The adoption process includes filling out the form, a follow up phone call, then meeting the horse!  Adoptions are made under contract prohibiting selling (especially at auction), and breeding.  There is an adoption fee.  The goal is to find a suitable match  so as to ensure that the adopter and the horse are both happy long term.  :)

Rhapsody has been Adopted! Congratulations, Nicole! 

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